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Bryant Street Methodist Church, Stratford, London E15                                                                   

“Neither height nor depth, nor anything else
in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”   Romans 8:39


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Christian Ecology Link - a multi-denominational UK Christian organisation - for people concerned about the Environment. http://www.christian-ecology.org.uk/

Christians in Science (CiS) - an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue. http://www.cis.org.uk/

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland(CTBI)   http://www.ctbi.org.uk/CFFA/204

CTBI also provides a programme of resources to encourage and assist churches to observe a Time for Creation in September and October. http://www.ctbi.org.uk/375

Creation Challenge - The Baptist Union, Methodist Church and United Reformed Church Environmental Network aims to connect church people who are active on environmental matters, through work or general interest and to make the care of God's creation a central part of local church life and witness. The site includes newsletters, denominational policies and other resources. http://www.methodist.org.uk/static/econetwork/

Eco-Congregation - aims to encourage churches of all denominations to consider environmental issues within a Christian context and enable local churches to make positive contributions in their life and mission. Eco-Congregation provides a free environmental toolkit with 12 modules, covering different aspects of church life. Module 1 contains a Churches' environmental check up designed to help churches identify current good environmental practice and prioritise future activities. http://www.ecocongregation.org/

Operation Noah - Operation Noah's mission is to encourage Britain and Ireland's churches and governments to lead a radical transformation in both our culture and economic systems; a transformation towards simpler, liveable and supportable lifestyles that will increase happiness and well-being, while safeguarding the whole of God's creation for future generations.

Stewarding the Earth's Resources - a resource for the church about waste reduction, waste re-use and waste recycling. http://www.earthresources.org.uk/

London's Green Faith Map

'Mapping for Change' have developed the first on-line map of environmental activity by Faith Groups across Greater London. The Map displays information on Projects, Activities and Events, on issues ranging from Green Space to Global Development and Culture & Heritage to Climate Change Action.

You can view the map at: http://communitymaps.london21.org/version2/includes/MiniSite.php?minisitename=London%20Faith%20Map

Global perspectives from a Christian perspective

For a wealth of material on the global impact of climate change see:

TearFund  http://www.tearfund.org/Campaigning/Climate+change+and+disasters/

Christian Aid  http://www.christianaid.org.uk/

CAFOD http://www.cafod.org.uk/policy-campaigns/climate

Other faiths and inter-faith

Alliance of Religions and Conservation - secular body founded to help the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices, by helping the religions link with key environmental organisations. http://www.arcworld.org/

IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences) – Islamic organisation committed to the maintenance of the Earth as a healthy habitat for all living beings. http://www.ifees.org.uk/

LINE (The London Islamic Network for the Environment) - the UK’s first local Islamic environmental group promoting awareness, reflection andd action. http://www.lineonweb.org.uk/About%20Us/who_are_we.htm

Sikh Environment Network - promotes the Sikh ethical perspective about protecting and supporting the earth as the 'paramount mother', raise awareness amongst Sikh communities about nature, earth and the whole 'thread of life' and support campaigns for earth-protection and earth-justice, by encouraging humans to act ethically, sensitively and kindly to the earth and its animate and inanimate species. http://sikh-environment-network.blogspot.com/

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation, that offers a range of practical advice and support for households, business and the public sector (e.g. schools) that can help save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Useful resources include an online Home Energy Check, a Savings Calculator and information on energy saving products. http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - IPCC was established to provide the decision-makers and others interested in climate change with an objective source of information about climate change -the place to go for information on the science of climate change. http://www.ipcc.ch/index.htm

London 21 - London 21 Sustainability Network promotes, supports and networks community-based initiatives for a greener, healthier and more sustainable Greater London. http://www.london21.org/

London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) – a charity promoting sustainable development to strategic planners in London's business, government and voluntary sectors.  http://www.lsx.org.uk/

London Environment Faiths Map http://communitymaps.london21.org/version2/includes/MiniSite.php?minisitename=London%20Faith%20Map


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